it’s tuesday.

Excuse the profanity, but this could possibly be one of the best motivational things on Pinterest in a while. Monday was hard, and it seems like Tuesday is just another day working, waking up early, and staring at the clock. But make today your b, because you really should.

Find this, and more fun desktop backgrounds and stunning brush lettering here.  Creds to the talented Hannah who designed this masterpiece. 

ways to use your planner: resources


In this organized, planning world, there are just some fab people who are amazing at the whole planner thing.


  • Organized Jen is amazing at being well, organized! She makes videos about being organized (which includes planners!) as well as vlogs, beauty, and her dog. You can find all her videos and more on her blog
  • A fab girl I read is Zie! Her blog is Zie Darling and every week she posts a Ta-Da! post which showcases her adorable planner pages for the week. She somehow makes each week cuter than the next!
  • This.
  • And this.


ways to use your planner: mine!

DSC_6680It’s Thursday!! And I’m here (as always, I have no life (but I’m oddly still feel like I can never get everything done on time) and live in the bottom right corner of the blog) to share with you my planner. We’ve talked about the chronodex and the bullet journaling styles. After testing those out, here’s what I’ve made to suit me.


So on the month page, I have big events like breaks or vacations as well as school things like tests or field trips. Also, I cross out every day once it’s over but I don’t like the look so I instead I draw a purple line near the bottom of each day.

DSC_6691 DSC_6692For each week, there’s a small space for each day on one page and notes of the other. I use the left side like I do the monthly pages. On the right, I make a to-do list for each day. I use the bullet system with a tiny, tiny twist. I put a dot next to each item I have to do today and then a check if it’s done and an arrow to move it to tomorrow.

DSC_6694One thing I’ve started getting into is decorating my pages! They are cute(r) now and I love using it! Just stickers and markers do the trick for me. That’s about it. Not super exciting but it helps me get things done. Do you use a planner? If you do, any tips or tricks you’d like to share? Tell me in the comments!

ways to use your planner: bullet journal

DSC_6671DSC_6672Throughout my journey through the planning side of Youtube, the idea of bullet journaling kept coming up. What is it? Well….

You don’t shoot bullets in you planner, don’t worry. It’s actually quite similar to to-do lists. It’s just that it uses bullet points (my teacher calls them cupcakes) and symbols. You start off with your average to-do list written with bullet points. Then you add a little checkbox after each item. A check in the box means it’s complete, and arrow means you will do it tomorrow,and line through the whole thing means you won’t be doing it at all. I think it’s nothing too special. I have, though, integrated the arrow idea into my regular to-do lists, that part I like. 🙂

Watch for a post about how I’ve been personally using my planner tomorrow!

This is a post in a “ways to use your planner” series. Check out the previous post HERE. 

ways to use your planner: chronodex


It’s February which means we’ve passed over the first month of the year. You know what this also means? That planner you got at the beginning of this año has been used for a whole month! Now, if you haven’t yet found the perfect way of using your planner, this series is for you! Let’s start off this week with the Chronodex or hyperdex.

On the left side is the classic to-do list format I typically use. On the right is the chronodex. If you don’t know what it is, it’s basically a clock. Every section can be colored to represent what you plan on doing. the sections start on the inside and spiral out. For me, I did 6 am to  12 pm. Green is school; blue is homework; pink is family time; and orange is computer time. On the day it’s actually for, Monday January 6th, I didn’t follow the schedule at all! haha oh well. But for the rest of the week, I tried to stick the schedule, and by the end of the week, I was on time!

Overall. I think it’s great if you have different places to go but for me, my routine stays the same all week so it would be kinda redundant to draw the same thing everyday. 🙂 Check back here tomorrow for another planning…technique? I don’t know what to call it.