seattle // UVillage Part 2

This is Part 2 of my trip to UVillage. Read Part 1 here.

After getting my hair done at Swink and doing a little shopping, we stopped for lunch at Eureka!.


DSC_9520I think that was the first time I couldn’t finish everything. Yes, I was a bit sick but still. It was pretty good.

As we slowly made our way outside, under the cloudy skies, the bright liveliness of a single storefront caught our attention.

It was Paint the Town, a childhood favorite of mine. You walk in, pick a ceramic piece, and you start painting. I’ve always loved painting. Picking out the paints, painting layer after layer of beautiful color.


I haven’t been surrounded by so many colors in ages. It was nice to go back again. And this is for you has become a mantra of mine that I keep in my head. I’ll do a post about it soon. 🙂

It was the to such a wonderful day, visiting all the places I’ve always wanted to go, and places I’ve always loved. Being near my home, I stop by often, and now I have another reason to hang around this local shopping village. If you aren’t convinced to visit just yet, let me remind you that UVillage (fully known as University Village) is right next to the University of Washington, which means (if I use the vernacular) hella good food.

What are your favorite parts of your city? Tell me in the comments!


seattle // UVillage

In a new series exploring the wonderful places in Seattle, I went on a day out shopping. Yes, yes, I spent a whole Saturday eating, shopping and getting my hair done. Just for you. It was hard, but I made it though. 😛 Now let me tell you about it.

I started my day with a hair appointment at Swink Style Bar. It’s the first style bar in Seattle. Throughout the years, I’ve passed by Swink many times, always sneaking a peak into what happens inside. So when they offered a complementary ‘do, I took it. I’ve never gotten my hair done before and after just getting a new haircut, I was nervous. But I walked right in, got seated, and witnessed my hair become a piece of art.

DSC_9441 DSC_9425 DSC_9428 DSC_9442DSC_9430DSC_9438 DSC_9434The lights were shining, and the mirrors glimmering. I sat down, unsure of what I wanted. The stylist talked me through everything, ending with me choosing the G&T look. Excuse the weird face I’m making. It’s hard to be composed when my hair looks so. freaking. good. The stylist even gave me a braid to finish it off. ( I am the worst at braids)

With my hair looking fabulous, my friend and I hit the streets (@UVillage) and did a little shopping.

We walked across the sunshine-filled village to H&M, where I’m finding is becoming less and less my style.

In a sad attempt to showcase the hair and braid, I of course took some selfies in the mirror (it’s more interesting than the clothes there).

That’s just a small (small!) piece of the wondrous University Village that I’ve been visiting since I was a kid. An open-air shopping area, right next to the University of Washington (which I’ve also been going to since I was a kid), it’s one of the places you should visit after the classic tourist attractions. Gives you a feel of what the people are like here in the PNW. Shopping and hair styling, could it get better? YES. I’ll be posting part 2 of UVillage next week! Stay tuned.

Thanks again to Swink Style Bar for giving me the chance to feel awesome for a day. ❤