notebook planner.

DSC_00301I knew that freshman year in high school required actual organization skills. And that means *planner!* I had fun looking around, looking at other people’s planner styles and varieties, and I found one that fits me.

I used a Moleskine lined notebook that I got in a two-pack at Barnes and Noble. LOVE these. They have enough pages that I can fit the whole school year in if I use half a page for every school day. These notebooks are also nice in quality. There are some pens that write like a dream on these pages, let me know if you’d like to see a post on that. 🙂

There are a bunch of planner “techniques” out there. From the chronodex to bullet journaling to project breakdowns like this one. However,  I didn’t need an hour-by-hour breakdown of my day. I just needed a place for deadlines and assignments. That’s why this technique (kind of like the bullet journaling) is the answer.

DSC_00421At the top, I have the date, and the events/deadlines for the day. A few lines down is the start of my task list. Some days it almost filled the column, and others requires some embellishment to fill that empty space. The last two or three lines are where I record my outfits. I started recording them because I wanted to make the most of all the clothes I have. I have a good amount of clothes that I wear all the time and I wanted to remind myself to “not wear that gray tee five times a week.” And, I get to look through and see all the outfits I’ve ever worn and how my style has changed.

This system has worked out for me great this year. It’s not any hassle to write down my tasks, which means I’m more likely to actually write them down!

Tell me in the comments what type of planner and any tips you have as well. 


five songs to dance to.


With mid-terms coming up this week and the week after, I think we all need to take a dance break. (insert Meredith Grey reference) Here are five songs that are getting through these busy times.

Uptown Funk. Number one for a reason, guys. And it’s got Bruno Mars. Dance? Already ahead of ya.

Rather Be (feat. Jess Glynne). From the first few beats, this song was destined to be on of my favorites. Another one of those music-creating groups that features other singers, it sure has a catchy beat. And the album cover is pretty cool too.

Bang Dem Sticks. A song hidden between chart-toppers like All About That Bass and Lips Are Moving, I think it deserves more than 350k plays on Spotify. Upbeat, and with fun musical references, I’m adding this to y playlist.

Chandelier. Ok, this is the song that got me into googling Sia and getting the full story. Interesting artist, and an even more interesting music video.

Centuries. I’m not yet on this whole Fall Out Boy/5SOS bandwagon yet, but this is one song I can listen to. (and I mean, who wouldn’t want to be remembered, for centuries?)

Bonus: I kinda adore the The Best Part interlude on Megan Trainer’s album.

And guess what? I put all of these songs (and a few extras) on a Spotify playlist, so you can give it a listen!

Midterms will be over, you can get through this. 🙂

9/40: End of Quarter reflections.


Today is the beginning of the second quarter of freshman year. I am a quarter-way done with the school year. And it doesn’t feel soon, doesn’t feel late. Time seems to moving at the speed of time.

When I was little, I felt like time traveled faster than a moving car. I went by, and I just ran through the days. Life was good; my years were passing by and it felt like soon, it would be summer break once more. I held onto that haziness all the way up to fourth grade. That was the last year I was going to be at that school, with my friends, with me actually being crazy happy.

As I entered into fifth grade, a new school and a new year, time headed for the other end of the spectrum. Days went by, barely. I felt like very class went on exponentially. But after a week, it felt like time had skipped a few beats. Last Monday was as clear in my head as today was. That was also the first year I disliked school. By the end of it, I basically hated it. All I could think about that June was summer. Summer, summer, and more summer. While everyone stopped to savor that last moment in the classroom, I darted out as fast as I could. As scary as middle school seemed, it was the one thing that got me excited for school that fall.

Through the three years at middle school, I made a few close friends and went in and out between friend groups. Every year had it’s goods and it’s bads, and my friends were always there for me. I never got back into that big group of close friends like I had in elementary school. And now, freshman year and with less and less close friends, I come to wonder what would’ve happened if I didn’t leave after fourth grade. Would I still be great friends with that group?  Go on to have a lesser education but a happier life? Would I find myself a completely different person?

I made the right decision to go, but I’ll always have this curiosity.

1/40 a long year


Three days down. and it’s been a crazy bag of mixed feelings about freshman year.

first day

two hours of ice breakers with teachers is not fun. Small groups are better.
the school feels so crowded, even through there are less students than in my middle school
caring around a backpack means a whole new organizational system
lockers are a pain!
organized teachers are the best
it looks like there will be a lot of self-learning happening this year.
upperclassmen are quite scary
there is little to no “free” time. I barely have enough time for lunch.

second day

the people, the people, the people
not as bad, i think i can do this

third day

picture day
lunch with some new/old people
robotic team = all the nice people in school
bus riding sucks
and it’s going to be a long school year


I’ll let you know how it goes, and how I try to make this year…better. 🙂



middle school is over.

DSC_7689And I’m officially a ninth grader.

My middle school days are over. The day that I am writing this is two days after the last day of school. Yesterday, I missed it. I felt like I didn’t have anything to commit to over the summer. I’ll never see those people again, I’ll be in a completely different building with different people that I will have to spend four years with. I cried a single tear that day.

But I’m not that stupid to cry my eyes out, reddening my entire face. I will see the important people again, I will put in the effort to do so. And what’s bad about everything else? Nothing. I will never see those annoying people again! I will be in a completely new building with new people! It’s an exciting new adventure, not a chore.

Before I go off onto this new adventure, I want to review all that happened in the past three years (almost a fifth of my life). I met some of my best friends. I learned so much. Two out of the three were absolutely fantastic. I found my sense of style. I gained independence. I punched a guy. I ate so many new foods, when to so many different places (LA!), and fell into a hole I couldn’t get out of (not a real hole, metaphors-I learned that too). I got my first A+ on a project that I loved and became organized. I found what I was doing and realized my future was a blurry mess that would not be clearing up anytime soon. So much happened and I made so many connections in the past three years that I won’t forget. Everything I’ve learned will be carried with me in a leather satchel as I step into the forest.

Ready for a new adventure.

first day.

first day.

On my first day of eighth grade, I saw 400 sixies, 3 new teachers, 2 old ones, and my best friends. I heard too many innocent voices and too many popular, bitchy kids in my class.

My classes are kinda disappointing, I wanted to participate more this year. But the kids in my classes are all annoying teens who judge even when they say they don’t.

I’m feeling nothing. I keep telling myself just to get through it and that’s what’s gonna happen.

Tell be about your most mediocre year. How did you get through it?

school supplies.


Last year was the first year I tried to actually buy stuff I really needed for school.

The school sends out a list of recommended supplies but some people have started to ignore it.

One of the main items kids buy is a big 2 inch binder. They carry it everywhere. But for the some of us who ignore the list, we carry around expanding files or 1 inch binders. Either way, they get heavy by the second semester. I thought I was the only person who cleaned out their binder after a quarter but after a teacher talked about it, everyone started doing so as well.

The recommended supplies are as follows:

2 1⁄2 -3 inch binder for core classes
1 1⁄2 inch binder if in a World Language class
Loose leaf paper
Pens (Blue, Black, Red)
Handheld pencil sharpener
Basic calculator (for students in CMP1, 2 or 3)

Here’s what I bought.

Expanding Folder
Colorful pens

Keep in mind I already had paper, pencils, notebooks, and binders from previous years that weren’t used. Also, some teachers have specific supplies they want you to use.

Even if you don’t go to school, buy things you will actually use for you work/office/whatever, don’t just buy what everyone else is buying.