packing for two weeks in Spokane.

In July, I went packed my things and sat in a car for six hours, arriving in the city of Spokane, WA. I was to spend the next two weeks sleeping in the dorms, going to lectures, and eating college food. That was basically the camp at Gonzaga Debate Institute. Knowing how tiny the dorms were supposed to be, I realized that I had to bring as little clothes as possible. Not only did I have to bring things to wear, I also had to bring sheets, a pillow, a ton of food, and basically everything I needed to survive (comfortably).

So, about three weeks before I really needed to start packing, I planned out what I was going to bring. I don’t have much artistic skill but I ended up drawing the items I wanted to bring on little post-it notes. These were super helpful just to see everything visually.
There are tons of formulae out there telling exactly how much of what you should bring based on how long your trip is. Six felt good to me, so I brought six tops and six bottoms. For bottoms, I brought four shorts, leggings (which I didn’t really wear), and I replaced that skirt with sweat pants (fantastic idea). For tops, I brought three tank tops, two tees, and a long sleeve that replaced one of those gray shirts. I also brought a light hoodie and a rain jacket.

Spokane in July is pretty hot, though the mornings are comfortable enough for me to wear sweats and a long sleeve. I spent about eight hours of the day in a heavily air-conditioned classroom so everything that I brought was actually too cold. But outdoors, it was perfect.


If everything coordinated, there would be 36 outfits which is plenty for a two week trip (we has access to a washer and dryer too). But since everything I brought didn’t require much outfit planning, I just grabbed what I wanted.

All of this, plus two pairs of shoes, towels, and toiletries, fit in a duffle bag. Success.


this week in photos: 8.12.15

A week in the life started this past Monday. While I’ve never been good at capturing the daily moments in a form I liked, I’ve always enjoyed these records of each week. So, every week that I can, I’ll post five photos of my past week. Maybe they’ll be from each day, or all from one. Either way, it’ll show you a bit into what I do (it’s not much 🙂 )

IMG_20150730_1603552_rewind tomatoas newflowers2 newflowers IMG_20150731_1531135_rewind
WED: This past week, the heat meant a trip to Molly Moon’s Ice Cream.

FRI: The sunshine was replaced with thunder and lightning storms for a full day. Unfortunately, that was the day I had to walk through downtown to get home from work. To take a break, I ducked into the Central Library for an hour, browsing through the magazines and taking notes.

SAT/SUN: That weekend, our family friends visited from Portland. They’ve been to Seattle so often that they don’t remember all the tourist attractions, like Pike Place Market. We also took them to the Starbucks Reserve Roastery to try some *intense* black coffee.

TUES: My friend and I delivered balloons to our friend’s house to welcome her back from a full summer of camp. (balloons and wind and public transportation = struggle)

going to the movies (alone)

IMG_20150811_1501114_rewindMy usual volunteering partner was gone for the day, so I got off of my shift a few hours early. About two and a half hours really, a perfect chunk of time for a movie.

I checked my phone every few minutes as the bus turned from street onto bridge, bridge into Chinatown, and finally into the heart of downtown. I raced up to the top floor of a shopping mall and ran up to the tired college student behind the glass. I was late, but like all movie theatres, there were 15 minutes of ads before the actual movie.

What movie was I watching? Paper Towns. I’ve talked about how much I liked the book, but the movie was different. John Green himself has said that the movie and book aren’t meant to be water and ice. The movie was good, kinda cheesy at some moments and lacking in interest at others, but not too shabby. The entire time I was sitting there, in the middle of the theatre with no one to either side of me, I could help being… uncomfortable. There was a family of girls above me and a couple my age (hands intertwined for all 118 minutes of it) below. And, being the weird person that I am, I kept imagining a shooting like the one in the news.

Going to the movies alone was weird. I got distracted a lot. That might have been because of the movie but I had a desire to check my messages, my social media, as if to remind myself that, yeah, I had friends. It happens at parties too, when there’s a moment of not-doing-anything, I grab my phone and check in with the internet. I used to be good with being alone for a while. I had fun hanging by myself all summer. But this past year, I met people I actually wanted to spend time with.

So I guess this desire to not be alone all the time is not a bad thing. It does make movies weird though.

lately: movies

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 7.31.09 AM

Jeez, it is getting really hot in Seattle. Where has our year-round mediocre temps?

The coldest part of the house is downstairs, where the flat screen is. And that means movies! Today, I wanted to share with you the movies I’ve watched recently (and loved!).


A story about how four magicians make it big in Vegas and somehow are pulling big heists during their shows. While, at the same time, an FBI agent (+Interpol) try to crack their secrets. Very entertaining and the ending is a huge twist. Yay for unpredictability! I actually really like this movie, the plot is unique (in my movie experience) and magic tricks are always fun to watch, even if it’s CGI. 🙂


This is the first Wes Anderson movie that I was aware of watching. I love the colors and the square screen was pretty cool as well. The scenes of the hotels got me wondering if they were paintings or mini scale models. Either way, the imagery is beautiful and the story is pretty fun as well.


I’ve read the buck a bunch of times, and love the story quite a bit. I wasn’t really sure how they were going to do the movie, since the majority of the story is black and white. But! I think they did a pretty good job, with the set, the memories being transferred, and slow integration of colors.

Movies and summer go together like root bear and vanilla ice cream. Go watch so cinematic masterpieces!



notebook planner.

DSC_00301I knew that freshman year in high school required actual organization skills. And that means *planner!* I had fun looking around, looking at other people’s planner styles and varieties, and I found one that fits me.

I used a Moleskine lined notebook that I got in a two-pack at Barnes and Noble. LOVE these. They have enough pages that I can fit the whole school year in if I use half a page for every school day. These notebooks are also nice in quality. There are some pens that write like a dream on these pages, let me know if you’d like to see a post on that. 🙂

There are a bunch of planner “techniques” out there. From the chronodex to bullet journaling to project breakdowns like this one. However,  I didn’t need an hour-by-hour breakdown of my day. I just needed a place for deadlines and assignments. That’s why this technique (kind of like the bullet journaling) is the answer.

DSC_00421At the top, I have the date, and the events/deadlines for the day. A few lines down is the start of my task list. Some days it almost filled the column, and others requires some embellishment to fill that empty space. The last two or three lines are where I record my outfits. I started recording them because I wanted to make the most of all the clothes I have. I have a good amount of clothes that I wear all the time and I wanted to remind myself to “not wear that gray tee five times a week.” And, I get to look through and see all the outfits I’ve ever worn and how my style has changed.

This system has worked out for me great this year. It’s not any hassle to write down my tasks, which means I’m more likely to actually write them down!

Tell me in the comments what type of planner and any tips you have as well. 

2015 summer goal.

DSC_00172This year’s “summer to-do list” is the longest one yet and it’s constantly growing. Little tasks and reminders to keep this break going make up the majority of the list however there’s one big task that sits above the others.

This summer, 2015, I want to make enough money for a Sony A5100 (or an A5000.)
I did a bunch of research, looking at the spec of these mirrorless DSLRs. Originally, I was looking into one of those hefty DSLRs that you see the pros carrying around. But then I saw the smaller versions in this video and I was in love. They’re smaller and lighter, making them easier to carry around, and they have just as many lenses as classic DSLRs. With something so expensive (to me at least) I had and will keep researching. I watched this video, and this one. Both are great videos reviewing the camera.

Can you tell how excited about this I am? I’d love to get my hands on one of these and I’m hoping to put that excitement into making some money this summer. I’ve got it taped on my wall so I can see it every morning. It’s the first time I’ve ever saved money for a specific goal/reward. Let’s see how this works.

New camera also means more and better blog content. Win-win for everyone. 🙂

lately // may

It’s May, the last full month between me and summer. Lately, I’ve been….

Reflecting on this past year. Man, it went by like a speeding soccer mom (fast, but just a little). I liked this year.

Watching the Chef’s Table documentary on Netflix. SOOOO goood.

Listening to Lana, Marina, and Karmin.

Learning about the crossroads between should and must.

Growing lettuce and goji berries. (!)

Putting a bunch of business and blogging books on hold at the library. I’m excited about this one, this one, and this one.

Enjoying the sun. We took a trip to Eastern Washington last weekend and sunglasses were always on.

Ordering this swim suit. (it was on sale too!)

Feeling kinda stressed ’bout these last two weeks of school. Finals!

Wanting to hang out with my friends before they leave for their vacations.

Looking for a cheaper version of these shoes.

Working on projects and lots of new blog posts. I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things this summer.

And, working out.

Loving this post by Becky about how “wrong reasons” in blogging is absolute bullshit.

Reading the classics. Secret Garden, Little Woman, Importance of Being Earnest.

Eating HUMMUS. GUAC. my loves.

Figuring out what I’m bring to camp this summer. And yes, I actually like packing.

And finally, this week I was posting about overnight oats. (go check it out!)

basic overnight oats.

oats-mainoats-spoonThis past month, I’ve been trying to eat healthier, or at least, eat a filling breakfast. And I’ve found on my hunts through Pinterest something called, Overnight Oats. It’s pretty filling, and can taste amazing when you put in the right fruits. It actually was so good, easy to make, and quick that I’ve created the bare-bones recipe for these oats so that you know what you need, and can add what you want.

old-fashioned oats
milk (almond, soy, chocolate, regular, etc.)
yogurt or a mashed banana
chia seeds

optional (but yummy):
any other topping


  1. Pick a sealable container, and pour in the amount of oats you want. Then pour in the same amount of milk (in a 1:1 ratio)
  2. Put in about 1 tbsp of yogurt for every cup of oat-milk mixture. Play around with this to make it the perfect thickness for you.
  3. Pour in a handful of chia seeds. All the “measurements” in this are incredibly flexible, if you couldn’t tell from my fancy terminology. 🙂
  4. Then just mix in the fruit and other toppings, close the container, and pop it in the fridge.
  5. Next morning, already made oatmeal!

Easy, right? Now, tell me in the comments what you think and what you would put in these overnight oats.

this generation.

DSC_95562some thoughts on this generation changing the world 

This generation, or at least kids around my age, are doing amazing things. There are kids older than me that are talking to the President, acting in movies, and solving cancer-sized issues. And kids younger than me are doing just as much. It’s crazy.

This generation has so many opportunities and resources (internet anyone?) that almost everyone is doing something or on their way to doing someone with purpose. We have so many possibilities, especially being middle-class in the States. We’re lucky to have enough money and time and yet at the same time there is some pressure along side it. People are changing the world, and that makes me think “I should be changing the world too.” But am I doing enough, today?

read in April.


In an effort to read more this year, I read two books this past month:

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling

It’s a autobiography/humor/memoir kind of thing. It was good, and funny at times. I really liked the first part about looking back on her childhood. It’s probably because I’m in that age right now that I relate so much to it. From the butter croissants from Costco to diminishing group of friends. I totally got her. The chapters after that were less and less relatable for me as she moved to New York and wrote a play. By the end the funny bits (like her random selfies) were a little boring.

and Paper Towns by John Green

Love love love this book. It made me happy that the night out with Margo took up almost half of the book. And the ideas/themes/discoveries of life Green includes were very… real. They struck a cord with me. The string, the grass, the cracks in our watertight vessel. And after searching high and low for this girl, she *spoiler* didn’t want to be found. Q learned so much on this adventure, and I’m glad he didn’t get his “prize”. He kept returning to that mall though, and it became almost repetitive. But that was when things began to happen. I can’t wait for the movie.

Tell me in the comments what books you read or what you thought of these! (Happy Wednesday)