renegade seattle 2015.

bizcardsAs I was scrolling through my Instagram feed late last week, I found that the infamous Renegade Craft Fair was finally coming to Seattle. And, it was located just a few blocks from my house. It was definitely meant to be. IMG_20150802_1050552_rewindInto Hanger 30 I went, with questions and a recording app in hand. It was a great opportunity to get some unique interviews for my project. I was pretty excited for the pretty flowers too.  IMG_20150802_1112227_rewindEvery craft fair I’ve been two (all three of them) has featured creatives from all walks of life.  So talking to the owners and makers was a memorable experience. IMG_20150802_1129012_rewind

One of the people I talked to was Felipe, a man from Columbia who makes the most beautiful wooden watches. Those are real flowers from Columbia in the watch faces. It takes at least eighty hours to make each one. IMG_20150802_1136418_rewind IMG_20150802_1149370_rewindThen I met a woman who used an old camera (tripod required) to take vintage photos. IMG_20150802_1150386_rewind IMG_20150802_1154547_rewind IMG_20150802_1206304_rewind IMG_20150802_1206406_rewindAll around there were pretty shops selling beautifully crafted products. SO MANY BEAUTIFUL THINGS. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough moolah in my wallet to go around. IMG_20150802_1237514_rewind IMG_20150802_1256148_rewindWhat I had to buy though, was food. I had smoked turkey tacos from one of the food trucks with blackberry lemonade. Was it worth the half an hour wait? Yes. Any longer and it wouldn’t have. The mini donuts however, were to die for. Mango and coconut on one half and curry and caramel on the other. Too bad they weren’t full size.

IMG_20150802_1324139_rewindWhile I has a blast looking at each new booth, I didn’t end up buying many things. The only thing I did buy was a DIY air-plant terrarium featuring Steve the dinosaur. The shop ran out of rope, packaging, and basically everything but the basics, but it all I really needed was the air plant and Steve.

Craft fairs have always been fun. A little anxious sometimes ( creative people doing their dream jobs is hella intimidating) but I love seeing my favorite Instagram accounts come to life.


basic overnight oats.

oats-mainoats-spoonThis past month, I’ve been trying to eat healthier, or at least, eat a filling breakfast. And I’ve found on my hunts through Pinterest something called, Overnight Oats. It’s pretty filling, and can taste amazing when you put in the right fruits. It actually was so good, easy to make, and quick that I’ve created the bare-bones recipe for these oats so that you know what you need, and can add what you want.

old-fashioned oats
milk (almond, soy, chocolate, regular, etc.)
yogurt or a mashed banana
chia seeds

optional (but yummy):
any other topping


  1. Pick a sealable container, and pour in the amount of oats you want. Then pour in the same amount of milk (in a 1:1 ratio)
  2. Put in about 1 tbsp of yogurt for every cup of oat-milk mixture. Play around with this to make it the perfect thickness for you.
  3. Pour in a handful of chia seeds. All the “measurements” in this are incredibly flexible, if you couldn’t tell from my fancy terminology. 🙂
  4. Then just mix in the fruit and other toppings, close the container, and pop it in the fridge.
  5. Next morning, already made oatmeal!

Easy, right? Now, tell me in the comments what you think and what you would put in these overnight oats.

seattle // UVillage Part 2

This is Part 2 of my trip to UVillage. Read Part 1 here.

After getting my hair done at Swink and doing a little shopping, we stopped for lunch at Eureka!.


DSC_9520I think that was the first time I couldn’t finish everything. Yes, I was a bit sick but still. It was pretty good.

As we slowly made our way outside, under the cloudy skies, the bright liveliness of a single storefront caught our attention.

It was Paint the Town, a childhood favorite of mine. You walk in, pick a ceramic piece, and you start painting. I’ve always loved painting. Picking out the paints, painting layer after layer of beautiful color.


I haven’t been surrounded by so many colors in ages. It was nice to go back again. And this is for you has become a mantra of mine that I keep in my head. I’ll do a post about it soon. 🙂

It was the to such a wonderful day, visiting all the places I’ve always wanted to go, and places I’ve always loved. Being near my home, I stop by often, and now I have another reason to hang around this local shopping village. If you aren’t convinced to visit just yet, let me remind you that UVillage (fully known as University Village) is right next to the University of Washington, which means (if I use the vernacular) hella good food.

What are your favorite parts of your city? Tell me in the comments!

5 last-minute holiday gift ideas.


Ok it’s the 21st of December and there are only 3 days left to get those gifts. Here are my favorite last-minute gift ideas for your close friends and your acquaintances.

1. Food.

Good for basically anyone, food gifts can range from homemade cookies to a gourmet marshmallow kit.  Chocolates, fancy meats, box of donuts, it just has to fit the situation and the person you are gifting. Cookies, for example, can be made more classy with some cute designs and a personalized tin, like these ones from Sent With A Loving Kiss. They’re having a 3 for 2 offer right now so you could even send some directly to your friends.

2. Books.

This year I have discovered the miracle of books as holiday gifts. There is such a wide variety. My cousin loves to travel, so a travel book filled with stunning photos and eye-catching graphic design it is.

3. Subscription Service.

A gift that comes ever month is definitely better than a single gift for the holiday season. Services like ipsy,  and Darby Smart offer affordable monthly packages that come to their home filled with beauty products, a DIY project, and even a whole card kit for those stationary lovers.

4. Movie kit.

I’m pretty sure most people like watching movies and a great gift for those avid movie lovers is by taking them on a movie date, without you being there. I think most movie theaters offer tickets that can be used at any time, for any movie (just not 3D/IMAX) that they like. And I’d throw in some popcorn too. See #1 🙂

5. Gift Cards

If there’s really nothing else, help them make a big purchase, a bit easier on the wallet with a gift card. Just make sure it has some thought and meaning to it.

There you go, five last-minute gifts so you don’t have to start making those holiday gifts, New Year’s gifts.


currently snacking on: toasted coconut cashews

When my parents came home a few weeks ago with a box of nuts I was like “ugh, nuts never disappear in this house”. But of course the first taste of anything good always tastes the best so I went ahead and tried one. Now these, I discovered aren’t regular ‘ol cashews. No, they are crunchy, but not hard, coconuty, and just delicious. I almost can’t stop eating them!


What I ate at Hackathon

A little less than. A month ago, I went to a hackathon. I would tell you about it (but you could just google it) and my experience but for some reason I don’t want to.

So I’m gonna tell you one of the most interesting parts of the 48 hour project: what I ate.

Day 1
Lunch: tacos (like four)
Snack: taco filling salad, chocolate covered expresso beans, mint cookies, chips and salsa, rice, more chips and salsa, licorice,
Dinner: pizza and more taco salad

Day 2:
Breakfast: bagel, fruit
Snack: soda, Oreos, chocolate covered macadamia nuts, biscotti, chocolate covered blueberries.
Lunch: Vietnamese sandwich

Soccer practice is gonna be my new best friend.