read in April.


In an effort to read more this year, I read two books this past month:

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling

It’s a autobiography/humor/memoir kind of thing. It was good, and funny at times. I really liked the first part about looking back on her childhood. It’s probably because I’m in that age right now that I relate so much to it. From the butter croissants from Costco to diminishing group of friends. I totally got her. The chapters after that were less and less relatable for me as she moved to New York and wrote a play. By the end the funny bits (like her random selfies) were a little boring.

and Paper Towns by John Green

Love love love this book. It made me happy that the night out with Margo took up almost half of the book. And the ideas/themes/discoveries of life Green includes were very… real. They struck a cord with me. The string, the grass, the cracks in our watertight vessel. And after searching high and low for this girl, she *spoiler* didn’t want to be found. Q learned so much on this adventure, and I’m glad he didn’t get his “prize”. He kept returning to that mall though, and it became almost repetitive. But that was when things began to happen. I can’t wait for the movie.

Tell me in the comments what books you read or what you thought of these! (Happy Wednesday)


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