closet office: thoughts


I remember reading an article some 5 years ago. I was young and still pretty new to the Internet. But that article stuck with me all these years. I will never find the original article, as it is lost forever at virtual sea. But let me share with you the gist of. It’s still in my mind.

It was about a writer. This writer was a writer for the newspaper or magazine it was published in and he seemed good at his job. I remember him talking about what everyone seems to be talking about lately: productivity. More of it, less of it. People are spending more time find ways to be productive than actually being productive. But this writer didn’t talk about what you should do. He talked about what he did.

He did all of his work in a closet. In his house he had a little room, filled with clothes, boxes, forgotten memorabilia. Most people call it a closet. To him it was his office. There was something about being in the small space, so close to everything and yet with nothing to distract you. There was a small desk, a lamp, and his work. Nothing else.

And the closet was symbolic to. A physical door separated him from the 9-5 work life and everything else. It’s like if you go in, you’re on work mode. If you’re not going to do any work, get out.

This stuck with me as a 10 year old, and I still remember it today. As I write countless essays for school, (I’m avoiding one right now) I come back to this idea of putting yourself in a small space, surrounded only by your thoughts. I need somewhere like that. I need somewhere where I can do my work, and finish my work.

Just some thoughts from today. I wanna know: do you have an office? What environments are you most “productive” in? Tell me in the comments!



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