the future.

photo-1423753623104-718aaace6772I know what it will be like in 5 years.

You definitely don’t.

I bet you wonder if you’ll be knee-deep in college homework or maybe at a job you were miraculously offered. The thought of not making it into a university and not doing anything probably wandered into you head a few times too.

I know what it will be like in 5 years.

But honestly, I know only one of the possibilities. Any one of your decisions could change me and throw me onto a different course. That pro and con list could decide if you get rich, or get lucky. Every choice you make pushes me a little further. A shove there. A bump there. Who knows where I could end up. There are so (so) many things I could be. And you hold the ability to choose.

You get to choose what I am.

I could be your best friend, your glory days. Or I could be utter hell and reck your house in the blink of an eye. I’d be ok with being either, but I think something in between would be perfect. It’s all in your hands, anyways.

Sometimes I hear rumors, from various people throughout their life. They say I’ll end up being ok. They say everything will be ok. They say who I am is as good, or maybe better, than what they thought I would be. But I don’t know. Maybe I really am ok. Or maybe, they just dream big enough.

(weekly posts resumes…now) 



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