getting though a slump.

slumpWinter break has long past now nothing but spring break stands in the way of summer. Oh, what are we to look forward to in the next month and a half? How are we gonna make it through this typical school year slump?

Fill your schedule. Fill it with things that you like to do so that it doesn’t seem like “busy” work. If there’s something to get excited about every week, you won’t notice the long string of weeks ahead. So go plan a weekend trip, get tickets to that thing that sparked your interest, plan a get together with your friends.

photo-1424819989622-273212130f7bDo the things that you’ve been putting off. No better time. Reply to those emails, schedule that appointment. Do it!

Start a project. Make it so that this time is special, exciting, this is when you starts (your project). Just start something. Anything. That thrilling period when you start something new can make this time seem like a guy chasing the bus that’s leaving (so, kinda fast + maybe awkward)

No matter what, make the most of this time. It may seem boring, unending, and empty. But you can change that. Yeah?

Tell me in the comments what you do when you get in a slump!



2 thoughts on “getting though a slump.

  1. Great tips! I finally confirmed my dentist appointment for tomorrow (I have literally rescheduled it 5 times) so I think that will help me move forward!


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