pretty packaging: korean skincare

DSC_9378My cousin came back from Korea with a suitcase filled with beauty products. While they can serve odd purposes, these products have such cool, colorful packaging that I couldn’t resist sharing with you. DSC_9379DSC_9381 This facial soap is made in the shape of an egg, and packaged a mini egg carton too. Awesome packaging idea and branding. (also these photos turned out pretty good, I think I may try photographing at this time of day again)DSC_9386 This above-the-lip-fuzz remover sports and cute face on the front and two little hands that pop out of the back to make the brand name come to life.DSC_9390DSC_9393And finally, a 3-step black head removal system that is cute, instructive, and with oh-so colorful packaging + graphics. As for the products themselves, I haven’t really tested out the egg soap and fuzz strips but the blackhead remover works like a charm (and you get to see all the dirt come out when you peel off Step 2).

What products do you think have some stunning packaging? Share in the comments! 


4 thoughts on “pretty packaging: korean skincare


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