DSC_9360DSC_9317I know my name is a flower, a part of the eye, and a Greek goddess of rainbows. But damn, I love the carnation. DSC_9316DSC_9343DSC_9315I’ve half-participated in organizational/spring cleaning projects and activities across the blogoshpere and almost every one says to buy flowers. It seemed so simple, picking up a bouquet at a flower stand down the street and filling your house with them. Living in  the suburbs and not New York City, I never really got the chance to bring plants to my room. Earlier this week though,  I went to the local grocery store and bought a bunch of carnations. Just a tiny bunch of these little flowers was enough to fill five little vases/soda cans/bottles with their bright faces. I put them throughout my room and the house and are so pretty to look at. DSC_93532DSC_93442DSC_9354DSC_9345 Flowers bring color to my room. They bring life and they bring change. (and a little more air to breathe in times of stress.) I can’t stop staring at these beauties. Go get some flowers this weekend, it’ll be great.



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