the new Hey Iris.

It’s finally here you guys, it’s finally here.
Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 8.20.24 PM

I’ve been talking about rebranding and making my blog a legit space for a long, long time. I finally took the plunge, pushed by the idea of my birthday coming up and from the lull I’ve found myself in coming out of winter break. I first wanted to release it one the day of my birthday, but I just wasn’t ready. Didn’t want to rush something so big.  Hours and hours of learning have been spent on this site and I’d love to share with you some of my favorite things.

the Sidebar

For ages I have been annoyed by the lack of good themes that had both a simplistic, non-tacky look and could hold all the content I wanted in a blog. That led me to a theme with a floating sidebar, one that always stayed on the screen. It was a downside that I could (maybe) live with. Well, no longer! The new sidebar features all the information and navigation a fourteen fifteen year old could want.

the Logo

I’ve wanted a logo ever since I could remember. To me it represented the entirety of one’s brand and image on the internet. If you’ve been around here in the past few months, then you’ll notice I’ve actually paid a designer for a logo (i mean it was only $5 but still) and I didn’t get anything near what I wanted. So, long story short, I gave up.  Turns out the simplest logo is the way to go. Love the one I have.

the About page

I’ve never really had one on the blog, and now I have an about page that is, shall it say, pretty cool. I give a little backstory (as much as you can when you’ve only existed for 15 years and can remember about nine of them clearly) and some multipurpose stuff so that I have something to reference when anyone asks about me.

Just those three things took me a while to learn, to code (and adjust someone else’s code), and ultimately put into place. Now, there have also been some you-related changes. From now on, you can only follow me through Bloglovin’. There’s no other way really, to transfer my followers over. It sucks losing a bunch of readers, people that made my day each time they followed. It really sucks. But hey, change is change and it can’t all be good.

Also, I’ll definitely be adding more (colorful) items to the blog layout and surroundings, but I want to let the photos stand out for now. That leads me to one of my goals for this year: I want to make better content. I really want to step up my blogging game, whether that be more frequently and/or super high quality posts. A good post can make the whole blog look amazing. 🙂

As for the specific details, I took advantage of GoDaddy‘s $1/month hosting and domain and also got the website redirect so y’all would arrive here. Other than that, it’s just been me playing around.

This has been such an exciting and stressful experience.

Here’s to another new-filled year. *cheers*





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