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For the first time, I went to see a movie at an early screening. That movie would be Kingsman. An action film about a private secret service agency and a boy, filled with CGI graphics. It was such an exciting experience, and was a fun end-of-midterms treat. I don’t have any photos because I was too excited and also because there were movie theatre employees with night vision goggles ready to take me out of the theatre at any moment. Yeah.

The boy, Eggsy, is a troubled seventeen year old whose father died training to be a Kingsman. Anyhow, Eggsy gets into the training program and has a hilarious montage-style journey, making it to the top two candidates before failing a test and losing. He goes home, back to his drunk and violent step-dad, helpless mother, and an arrogant gang of teens with money.

Now, another story in the film is about a rich software guy who, after spending millions on global warming research, finds the best solution is to drastically reduce the population. He gives out free SIM cards with free calling, texting, everything (awesome  right?), and the ability to make people crazy violent( nanowaves, of course). That way, people kill each other, and the few people he saves can continue on with their lives.

The Kingsmen (and Eggsy ) then have the job of killing this software guy and saving everyone.

Good things: Music (AMAZING), CGI (when the girl with knives as legs cuts people’s arms off, that’s too weird for me.), and the actors are all pretty great. It also prompts you to really consider, how can we really solve global warming? And, is it going to happen in our lifetime? Or ever?

Bad things: The characters aren’t every developed, it’s mainly just an action movie, and CGI can be overwhelming at times.

Favorite part: All the people the software guy saves have a chip in their neck that protect them from the waves from the SIM cards. The chip can also explode the person’s head off, in case they talk about it before the whole plan occurs. The Kingsmen take advantage of it, and decapitate every single person with the chip (politicians and rich people and all the software guy’s soldiers)- WAIT FOR IT – to the song Pomp and Circumstance. It’s the song used at graduations, and with the exploding heads made to look like colorful, non-gory fireworks, it is a pretty amazing scene.

Watch the movie if it sounds good to you. See the trailer here.

What movies have you watched this year? What movies do you plan on watching in the theaters? Let me know in the comments below!
Note: I have no affiliation with the movie, Kingsman: The Secret Service besides watching it at an early screening, one that I went and got tickets to myself.



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