five songs to dance to.


With mid-terms coming up this week and the week after, I think we all need to take a dance break. (insert Meredith Grey reference) Here are five songs that are getting through these busy times.

Uptown Funk. Number one for a reason, guys. And it’s got Bruno Mars. Dance? Already ahead of ya.

Rather Be (feat. Jess Glynne). From the first few beats, this song was destined to be on of my favorites. Another one of those music-creating groups that features other singers, it sure has a catchy beat. And the album cover is pretty cool too.

Bang Dem Sticks. A song hidden between chart-toppers like All About That Bass and Lips Are Moving, I think it deserves more than 350k plays on Spotify. Upbeat, and with fun musical references, I’m adding this to y playlist.

Chandelier. Ok, this is the song that got me into googling Sia and getting the full story. Interesting artist, and an even more interesting music video.

Centuries. I’m not yet on this whole Fall Out Boy/5SOS bandwagon yet, but this is one song I can listen to. (and I mean, who wouldn’t want to be remembered, for centuries?)

Bonus: I kinda adore the The Best Part interlude on Megan Trainer’s album.

And guess what? I put all of these songs (and a few extras) on a Spotify playlist, so you can give it a listen!

Midterms will be over, you can get through this. 🙂


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