favorite blog post of 2014


New Years is happening and this year has conjured up some (amazing) posts that I love so so much. Here are the favorites from this interesting year, 2014.


Let’s start with my birthday, and the most popular and most referenced post this year. From my ways to use your planner series, the chronodex!  Seems like people are curious about new organization techniques 🙂


The big snow came to Seattle min-February and I brought out the camera to capture some of the quiet wonders of the weather.

Possibly my favorite collaboration ever, I truly enjoyed writing this quick little story. Perspective changing, and kinda confusing, it really got me back into writing for the summer. Read the full story, running, and tell me your thoughts in the comments. 🙂


I never really have done a face/outfit/hair post, but there’s a first time for everything. I think my best posts have been sharing with you guys things I love, and I hope to do that more in ’15.  See the incredibly awkward photos and endless flyaway hairs here.


This year, making this blog better has been constantly on my mind. Making this blog it’s own is a huge own, and I thought a lot about the whole wordpress.org thing. Read all about my conclusion and my plans for the future.

DSC_8902 copy

I learned so much about using my DSLR and capturing some good photos this year. My road trip this summer was a perfect chance for me to try taking photos in many different situations. My favorites have been the photos I got at the Grand Canyon in the late afternoons. See all of them here.


As school began, the weather got chilly, and a new job was on the horizon, I took an unplanned break from blogging and only a few posts have graced your screens. But I made sure to come back with a last-minute gift guide for all you procrastinators. I adore the graphics that go along with the post, especially because they were done on an ipad in the middle of a road trip. Yay for making the most of my time. You can find out what those weird drawings are of in the full post.

These favorite posts have reminded me of some goals I have on the back burner that should come out this next year. Look for a 2015 goals post in the coming days!

What are your favorite posts this year, from this blog or any other blog? Share them with me in the comments!



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