day in the life: december


In the past I’ve shared the daily lives of others (here and here), but today I’ll be sharing a day in the life  of me, the typer behind the screen. Let’s start with this morning…

6:30 am Alarm goes off. I consider curling my hair but with a stuffy nose and lack of curling iron, that didn’t happen.

6:50 am Get up, get dressed, and do all the morning stuff. Breakfast was cold medication and some cereal.

7:30 am Head out the door. In a rush of course. Mornings tend to be a blur, as I  find myself in school before I even realize what’s going on.

7:45 am Arrive at school. First period starts in five minutes and I walk to class, sit in my seat in the back.

9:50 am End of second period and beginning of break. After our second period, we get a twenty minute break to do whatever we want. I tend to go to my next class and hang out there. Do some homework, eat some food, and watch as our science experiment for third period failed.

12:00 pm Lunch! Eating at the forum ( these big stairs that the freshmen eat on) and chit chatting. Lunch was a sandwich and lots of oranges.

2:20 pm School is over, but I stay around for debate after school. Out of Spanish and a quick stop at my locker. Totally forgot to head to chemistry for the experiment. Debate is in the math wing, and today was only a quick lecture from the older members. Took some notes, then left early since I was still recovering from a cold.

3:30 pm Taking the bus to the transit center after debate means talking with the debate gang. We talk, then go our separate ways towards home.

4:00 pm At the mall, headed to Target and bought a whipped cream. Secret Santa gag gift step one, done.

4:30 pm Back home, and from here on I do my homework, watch some tv, and get my work done.

7:00 pm Between the last time I check-in and now, I’ve eaten dinner and slowly (procrastinatingly) did my homework.

10:30 pm Everything unwinds, backpacks close, and it’s time for bed.



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