three skincare favorites.

I’m back! New posts and fun stuff happening this month. To kick things off, here are my top three favorite skincare products.


One of the staples I restocked during Black Friday is the Clear Improvement® mask from Origins. This is a black, goooy mask that has active charcoal to clear pores. I use this whenever I feel like my skin has too much dirt/oil and I’m breaking out all over one area (so every few weeks). A thick layer over the problem areas and breakouts disappear almost completely in the days after.


As for exfoliators, I really like Lush’s Let the Good Times Roll. Despite the long name, the use and effects are quite simple. It smells heavenly and exfoliates so well. The popcorn is chunky and a rarity so that is not much of an issue. And the application is a fun ordeal in itself, I scoop a coin-sized amount (which usually isn’t enough with other products) and add a bit of water. Mix it all up and apply on my face. Since you can control the amount of water you add, you can control rough you want the mix to be. Bonus points!


Every night, I use the Acne Solutions Clarifying Lotion from Clinique that is basically a toner with salicylic acid. After a few months, my skin much better overall. I get less breakouts, and my skin is just more calm in general.  And I kinda like the tingly feeling it gives.

Three skincare favorites. And more blog posts this month. Stay tuned.



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