las vegas.

DSC_8928 copy

Damn Vegas, you are quite the busy city. You are just like any other city during the day, but at night, your personality really lights up (get it?). DSC_8929 copy DSC_8935 copy

There are so many people in you, walking to this restaurant and that, that it almost reminds my of my hometown, Shanghai. You two are pretty similar, though with less bicycle-riders and food stands. The hotels placed on every single corners are grand, theme-centered, and have a casino at the bottom. I’m going to ignore you’re gambling side and focus on that one beam of light that shines directly on the clouds. I’m gonna ask you about those mountains that hover around you and make me feel as though I’m in this other world where everybody has endless money (which they don’t) and no one is relaxed and sober at the same time. But Las Vegas, I’m just talking about your main strip, not the hundreds of big houses in the desert, or the miles of windmills on the hills that make me feel as though maybe you are a little less wasteful.  DSC_8948 copy Your starless skies, your impersonating landmarks, oh how you make yourself fancier than Iggy Azalea.

DSC_8949 copy

I’d to hang out with you some time again, maybe after I go visit San Fran again, when I’m not with distant relatives that get tired easily and don’t plan enough time to truly enjoy you.

Have a good night, LV

I know you always do. 🙂




In case you were wondering, we stayed at the Planet Hollywood hotel and went to see the majestic, musical fountains in front of Caesar’s Palace.


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