21 Days to a New Habit


It’s freshman year already and you know my thoughts about it. With every new year, whether that be in sun rotations, birthdays, or days of school, I always start something.

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. Well, what better time to start than now?

Ok, maybe not right now. I started this on the first day of school, September 3rd, and so far it’s been a roller coaster of ups and downs.


An accountability partner is good for some, but for me the most important source of motivation has to come from me. My biggest challenge would be trusting myself, saying if I plan to do this, I know I will do it. Trust yourself is my mantra, and I think it deserves to be made into a poster. (if anyone wants to do that, share it with me!)

Flexibility is huge. My habit is actually a routine, so I’ve found that sticking too strictly to the schedule actually decreases my productivity. And, life happens. There will be days when I just can’t complete my task everyday. And each day has a different list of to-dos and to-go-tos and the habit might not fit in everyday in my situation. For others, maybe it’s something small and could should be done everyday. That needs to be flexible too, though maybe less. 🙂

Make it visible. For me and my schedule, I open up Evernote right when I get home and so I know exactly what I should be doing right now. If your habit is to use a product everyday, put in a place that you’ll see and thus will remember to use.


And there you go, my tips for forming a habit. I’ll be sharing more info about my own habit, in the next habit update. 🙂


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