1/40 a long year


Three days down. and it’s been a crazy bag of mixed feelings about freshman year.

first day

two hours of ice breakers with teachers is not fun. Small groups are better.
the school feels so crowded, even through there are less students than in my middle school
caring around a backpack means a whole new organizational system
lockers are a pain!
organized teachers are the best
it looks like there will be a lot of self-learning happening this year.
upperclassmen are quite scary
there is little to no “free” time. I barely have enough time for lunch.

second day

the people, the people, the people
not as bad, i think i can do this

third day

picture day
lunch with some new/old people
robotic team = all the nice people in school
bus riding sucks
and it’s going to be a long school year


I’ll let you know how it goes, and how I try to make this year…better. 🙂





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