review: thistle and poppy’s snap point frames


this tweet couldn’t have come at a better time. In the past year, I’ve been working on making my photography better, and better. And some real gems have come from that effort; worthy of being put on my wall to be seen every single day. Then Thistle & Poppy tweeted looking for bloggers to review their whimsical picture frames. I tweeted back, obviously, and now I’m here to share with you my thoughts on Thistle & Poppy’s Snap Point Frames.DSC_9285

What, snap point? What does that even mean. Here’s the backstory of how things all began:

Snap Point Picture Frames were born shortly after the founding of Thistle & Poppy by me (Christie) and my husband Jens. We started out making custom picture frames in our garage for my photography clients. The companies that I was working with either didn’t have the styles I was looking for, the prices were way too high or they just took too long to be delivered.

After spending a grueling holiday season in the wood shop making tons of frames and ornaments, Jens and I were simply discussing ways to make our process more efficient and trying to find ways to maintain the huge variety of frame styles I wanted to offer while he was insistent on making the business profitable 😉 We finally stumbled upon a revolutionary solution sitting on our workbench, magnets!

We had been in the process of designing a very cool interactive led wall decor display and had tiny magnets leftover. The light bulb switched on for both of us and within minutes we had our first snap point prototype! A picture frame that would allow you to simply place your photo on the base, snap the trim style of our choice on top and voilà! Framing in seconds!


Now, after hanging this beauty on my wall, here are my thoughts:

the good:

  • these are shaped picture frames. So, that means they come in all different designs, both the base and the frame that snaps on, and there are lots of options.
  • and they have an easy to use designer to pick those designs
  • solid wood (!)
  • color is bright and vivid
  • frames snap on and don’t fall off
  • and customizable too, easily decorate them
  • no glass! it’ll still hurt though, if it falls.

DSC_9307the bad:

  • there isn’t an option for 6 by 4, which is the size of most my photos
  • much heavier compared to other frames but that’s because it’s solid wood.
  • a little on the pricey side, but worth it for solid wood and versatilities
  • paint rubs off a bit on the edges and the corners


and the amazing versatilities:

  • doodles
  • photos
  • nursery decor
  • whiteboard
  • design paper
  • magazine pages

So many ways to be used as home decor! And these frames are crazy affordable. Each base is only $18 for SOLID WOOD. The base is heavier than my dog. Sure, she’s only about 15 pounds but that’s already a lot for a frame. These are a fantastic product, and I love my frame!

On a different note, I’ll be starting school this week -no, TODAY- and it’ll be quite crazy. I’ll let you know what happens this Friday. 🙂

2 thoughts on “review: thistle and poppy’s snap point frames

  1. It’s refreshing to read content like yours that is so unique and interesting. You have no idea how rare it is write like this. Thank you for a great article.


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