#successfulsummer recap


My summer blogging project (you can read about it here), was not as successful as I planned. The biggest hurdle would be the fact that the only way to go out, was to take the bus. And that is not as fun/easy/efficient/non-scary as one might think. If there wasn’t a driver in the house, it would just be me. I have explored my neighborhood to the point where I know exactly where the party sounds come from.

Everything was actually alright in the first few weeks, it was at the end of July that the “what am I doing” thoughts came into my mind. Then suddenly, I was off on a two-week road trip with a family I’ve only met once before (don’t worry, they were my aunt’s family). That whole trip in itself was one big roller coaster, going up and up all while building up the pressure going down.

After that was one big recovery process, and I honestly was just happy to be home with my parents.

There are only four days left until I must re-enter the world of school (something that isn’t always the same as learning). I grew a lot this summer. But probably not due to this series. #successfulsummer helped my through the beginning, but it was myself who pulled me to the end.

Incase you were curious, you can find all the posts in this series right here. 

High school, that towering wall of “you gotta work hard to go to a good college and then a good job” coming at me. Good thing I’m not claustrophobic, and good thing I’m ready.



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