review: beauty without cruelty


Before I start talking about the products, can I just say that I love the packaging.  Not too complicated and that swan-heart thing on the side of the mascara is some pretty smart branding.  Haha. Ok, let’s go.

I got to work with the fabulous Beauty Without Cruelty and was sent a mascara and an eyeliner that I chose from their Color Cosmetics line. Here’s a little about them:

“In 1963, Beauty Without Cruelty was founded in England by the trustees of BWC Charitable Trust. Its goal was to manufacture and distribute natural, color cosmetics that are NOT tested on animals and did NOT contain any animal ingredients.”

Kathleen Long was the driving force and with Noel Gabriel, they created the first full line of cruelty-free color cosmetics. Long passed away in 1969 and BWC almost closed it’s doors. Luckily Lady Dowding took over and BWC reached new heights.

Today BWC has a line of over 200 personal care and color cosmetic products. Not only are they’re products without cruelty, they’re also without toxins!

That’s quite the legacy! And I love their idea for a beauty product that’s good for the world and will actually use. You can find more about them here.  With school starting in exactly one week (!!) waterproof mascara is something I definitely need to get through the day smudge-free. I got the waterproof mascara in black but there’s lots of info on all they’re mascaras, which you can find here. 

DSC_9243DSC_9239thoughts on the mascara:

  • When you first apply it, it clumps a bit. Then it gets better, but still a tad clumpy.
  • Over all it’s pretty waterproof
  • Smudges very little, only after a few eye rubbing incidents
  • Doesn’t hold curl too well after a long time
  • The cool brush lengthens. A lot!

PicMonkey Collage

Now about the eyeliner. I got the Super Soft Kohl Pencil in Cedar Green.

thoughts on the eye liner:

  • Vivid color
  • Like it says, the pencil is pretty smooth and glides on easily
  • But, dang this packaging is so hard to open
  • Amazing on the tight line and adds a subtle but still makes a difference, it’s like lashes are darker and fuller. And the little pop of green is stunning too.

I would actually highly recommend getting this eyeliner, the green is gorgeous on every eye I’ve seen it on. Both of these are quite affordable too, great for back to school too. And with the eye liner, I have mastered the perfect natural look for school! YES. haha So there you have it, my thoughts on Beauty Without Cruelty!



42 thoughts on “review: beauty without cruelty

  1. For someone who is only using a concealer and eyelash curler, AND on those days when I need a pick-me up I go the length of applying mascara and maybe some eyeliner, these are some good reccos.

  2. I use eyeliner and mascara quite a bit more than other forms of makeup so I’ll look for this brand the next time I’m restocking. Thanks for the review 🙂

  3. Love me some mascara! I found a new one that is actually 3D fiber lashes. They are like falsies with out the falsies. Goes on like mascara! I can hook you up if interested. I loved the honest truth about the products! Thanks for the insight!

  4. I detest clumpy mascara! I also detest packaging that is hard to open! Sometimes it seems you have to take a jackhammer to it just to get to your precious makeup. 😉 That eye pencil looks pretty.


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