notebooks vs. evernote


After seeing so many people using it, I decided to download Evernote. I love notes and lists so I thought I’d love it too.

The only problem is, I already take a lot of notes in my notebooks; the same notes I take in a physical book, are the ones I’d put into Evernote. I know Evernote is great because you can copy and paste directly from websites. But there are some benefits of notebooks too.

I read somewhere I trust that I should be keeping all my notes in one to two locations for easy access. That’s great. I definitely agree, because often I have no idea where I recorded my important thoughts or ideas.

This gets me to thinking, should I continue with my “only using notebooks” technique or try to incorporate Evernote into my one to two locations?

With notebooks, I can do anything and everything in them, access at all times, and in all different sizes. I split notebooks up into categories, the same way I do with Evernote. I have to carry all the notebooks around though, if I want everything, but Evernote keeps it all together.

Evernote is also all type, I can put photos from the internet without printing them out, and access anywhere (that I have my laptop – I’m not downloading another note app on my phone). I can also add Facetime photos, audio recordings, and photos with word recognition.

This makes Evernote the winner, right?

What do you think? Do you prefer notebooks or digital notes? What do you put in each one? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to here your thoughts.




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