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It’s was only after Elise started her podcast that I decided to finally download the separate podcast app for the App Store (which is stupid in my opinion). Podcasts are something I love because of the feeling of talking in a cafe and because they don’t make me carsick on long road trips. After a while, I’ve discovered some amazing podcasts that I listen to, every single episode.

Elise Gets Crafty

While not the first podcast to ever grace my ears and float to my brain, t was my first favorite. Elise talks about business, blogging, and all around creativity every Wednesday. I especially love episode 18 where she and (the) Ann-Marie Espinoza talk about small business and more importantly, the money side of things.

NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me
I don’t usually go for the news type stuff, but when it’s delivered with hilarious jokes, remarks, and cool guests yeah, I love it. Every Saturday, Peter and Bill host NPR’s weekly current events quiz.

Explore Your Enthusiasm
Ok, this girl, Tara Swiger, is kinda a genius. Her episode on Personal Responsibly will probably be the driving force behind a successful high school education. While not exactly directed towards teens, it’s already made a huge difference in my life. I think it’s every Wednesday that she shares a new podcast about “exploring the intersection of making art and making money”.

99% Invisible
As the top, most popular podcast in the design category, you know I had to try it out. It doesn’t have an exact topic, but it’s little anecdotes are quite perfect for when you just want to learn something new. Roman Mars hosts and every Monday (I think) you learn something more about the design we tend to miss in our everyday lives.

These for podcasts take up most of the time I’m not on the internet or doing school stuff and since they’re on me phone, they’ve prompted me to actually go outside for once and listen with the bugs and the grass about how I can improve my (nonexistant) business and laugh at some war going on.




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