some great websites


I spend a lot of time on the Internet. Here are some new one’s that I’ve been loving.

fohr card

1. Fohr Card

This blogger outreach platform allows anyone to join and has big brands (like J. effin’ Crew!) and little ones all easily accessible. The brands actually tell you what they are looking for in a collaboration and will actually check the site. (you can see my page here)

2. ย Course Craft

It might just be me, but the moment I got a Course Craft account, I practically wrote a whole e-course. So easy and fun and great for bloggers ’cause everyone’s got something to teach. ๐Ÿ™‚

distraction free

3. WordPress’s Distraction Free writing

Ohmygod. The words just spilled out of me while in this setting. Try it sometime if you use WordPress. You can find it under the “visual” and “text” tabs.


4. Blogproofer

Being the non-English-degree-holding blogger I am, there are always typos. Always. Autocorrect can catch most of them, but grammar? Yeah, no.

Check all these site out, they’re pretty great.



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