sunkissed summer tag.

DSC_8063So, you know I like doing tags. Here’s another.

The Questions:
1. When did/do you get out of school?

June 19th, why do you ask?

2. Beaches or pools?

Both. Beaches are for wading and thinking about stuff and pools are for swimming and thinking about stuff.

3. Are you going on any Summer holidays? If not, what’s your dream Summer holiday?

I’m really hoping the plans work and we get to go to some of the islands around Washington and maybe San Francisco.

4. S’mores or Ice Cream?

Ice cream. Forever.

5. What’s your most fun Summer memory?

One summer, my family and I went back to China and my cousins took us to these hot springs. So fun. There were different springs: one for relieving back aches, one for good luck, and another that was just filled with a fancy wine.

6. Does your skin tan or burn?

Tan! Thank goodness for my asian complexion.

7. How do you wear your hair in the Summer? (down, ponytail etc.)

Ponytails and half-up half-downs. It gets too hot for it to be down.

8. Favourite Summer nail polish?

GoldenEye from Opi

9. Would you rather spend a Summers day outside in the pool or inside watching Netflix?

Outside. I do enough netflix watching already. 🙂

10. Sunglasses or hats?

Sunglasses. This girl can’t rock the hat.

11. What is your song of the Summer?

No songs. I either listen to this podcast or listen to nature.

12. Do you have a Summer bucket list? If so, share some things on the list.

You can find those here. But, I tend to like to focus on the things that I didn’t plan because those are usually the funnest times.

13. Bikinis, Tankinis, or One Pieces?

I really like this vintage style bikini, but I only own a one piece.:(

14. Must have Summer makeup product?

Sunscreen and moisturizer. Oh you mean makeup.

15. What’s your favourite thing about Summer

No school. Which means time for the things I actually want to do.


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