ah. things are gonna change

DSC_81512 It’s been crazy. CRAZY. After getting a blog critique (which I really appreciated!), I kickstarted into a crazy overhaul of everything but the kitchen sink with this baby of mine. This blog is going to change. A lot. The content, maybe, but it’s the blog’s face I’m talking about. I learned that my sidebar was terrible, and I fixed that. But my branding, my logo, my blog name. I am not happy with all of that. I’m content. It’s alright. It’s okay. It’s not amazing. I don’t love it. But I’m getting ideas, I’m thinking, I’m dreaming of how amazing this blog could be, and trying really hard to come up with a branding that I will love. So I’m just letting you know, the blog will look weird in the next few weeks (and let me know if it has some errors or glitches ) and I’d love your feedback for everything. Oh, and while my mind is on blog rebranding, there will probably be some posts about it too, so look out for those. 🙂


3 thoughts on “ah. things are gonna change

  1. I need to change mine too, but just don’t have the time/energy/ideas to do so. I will look forward to seeing your changes! Lol…I’d like to learn how to simply get the buttons like you have for Pinterst, etc…….so a tutorial on that would be pretty cool! Hugs…

    • I know right? Change takes so much time and energy, I want to do it all in one sitting but can’t. 😦 As for the buttons, I shared the video that I used HERE

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