PenGems review.

DSC_8054DSC_7916   As a proud member of the stationary-addicts anonymous for let’s say, fourteen years, I can tell you that pens are a huge part of using notebooks to their full potential. So, I was incredibly excited when I got to try PenGems pens! Here’s a little about them:DSC_7912

We love sparkly things! We know we can bring a little sparkle to your day, and that is the foundation of PenGems. We’ll do whatever we can to provide an excellent customer service experience.  Happy customers are the core of our business. Our crystal pens make perfect attendee gifts for color-themed events, like weddings and baby showers. PenGems are popping up in swag bags at charity fundraising events and blogger conferences, too.

Our founder (and Chief Sparkle Specialist), Angel McMichael, served 12 years in the US Air Force. She’s now an Army wife! Of course, after years of proudly wearing the uniform, she decided her life needed more colors than green and gray. (She’s certain the sparkle is the opposite of camouflage!)

And look at this!

PenGems are:

  • Available in 21 gemstone colors
  • Contain more than 120 Swarovski Elements Crystals in each pen
  • We can customize a logo on the barrel, or engrave the pen clip.

DSC_7923Cool, right? Well, after writing a bunch and having a whole lot of fun playing with these pens, here are my thoughts on the Signature and Stylus PenGems:


  • These pens are absolutely gorgeous.
  • Nicely made. Great quality
  • With authentic Swarovski® Elements crystals!
  • Love the stylus-pen combo. Super useful.
  • Writes like butter*
  • Black is very black compared to other pens I own.
  • Clip is quite strong- won’t fall off.
  • Free refills with each pen. (amazing for someone who uses pens all day everyday. )
  • Affordable!



  • Actually getting the ballpoint out. I was kinda confused but that’s just me.
  • And once I figured it out, (twisting the pen tip) it was difficult to get the tip to twist smoothly and easily. Though, it got better the more I used it.
  • Replacing refills. Confusing-ish. See below.
  • *they write smoothly, on most types of paper. I have one notebook that just doesn’t like these pens for some reason.

Every question I had can be answered on PenGem’s fantastic FAQs page’t these pens amazing? These are definitely a new staple in my collection and will be fantastic for when school starts (though I don’t want anyone borrowing these pens!). I don’t want to just keeps these fantastic pens to myself! Angel was so kind to give you guys a coupon code for 10% off your purchase! Use the code HEYIRIS at checkout! 🙂


These products were sent to me to review and give my thoughts on. All opinions are my own and in are no way affected by compensation. 

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