day in the life: Katie of blue poppy blog

You guys. I am so excited to share with you Katie and her amazing day in the life! This summer I really wanted to have more guests around here and show you guys how amazing these bloggers are. Take it away Katie!


When Iris and I got in touch about collaborating in her series describing ‘A Day in the Life’ of fellow bloggers I immediately jumped at the chance! Mostly it is because I enjoy collaborating with other creatives, but another reason is because lately life has been pretty good to me, and I wanted to take some time to think about that and reflect on it. In the grand scheme of it all your daily life may be routine and therefore boring to you, but to others it may be extremely interesting. And when I really think about it I honestly can’t find much to complain about! I am in my early twenties, I have a full time career, live in a great area, and have a loving and caring boyfriend, just to name a few. Anyway, to introduce myself, I’m Katie of blue poppy blog. I started blogging over the winter in order to keep myself busy as work was pretty slow and Albany, NY, where I live, can be a pretty difficult place to live come winter. Our winters get freezing and the sun setting at 4:30pm doesn’t help either. Luckily it’s Summer, and there is much more to do!
My day starts out like most peoples days do with waking up, making breakfast, and getting ready for work. Today I made some eggs and ‘facon’ (fake bacon, as I am a vegetarian) and some fresh ground French Press coffee.
I really need to make sure I fuel myself well for the day ahead as my job can be demanding, especially in the summer. What do I do? I am the production manager and associate photographer for Clark+Walker Studio, a well known award winning photography studio focusing on wedding and portrait photography. Needless to say during the wedding season of May-October I don’t catch much of a break. I will find myself working 40 hours weeks with maybe one or two weddings each weekend. Today I am working on a wedding that is so far one of my favorites of the season 🙂
My job is to sort through all of the images taken the day of the weddings, pick the best ones, retouch them all, and send them to the client in a timely manner. Other responsibilities of mine are scheduling appointments, booking clients, designing albums, and much more. It keeps me busy but I love it. Photography was something I fell in love with at a young age and knew I always wanted to do. And now I am lucky enough to be doing for a living!


After work I typically engage in several extracurriculars. Tonight I am heading home and going for a run, but on other days I will play pick up basketball, softball, or do yoga, which I aim to do once a week. Staying active is important for me, especially after sitting at a desk all day.
Speaking of heading home, I live in a great 5th floor apartment right in the heart of Albany. Here’s a view from my bedroom window. It’s a gloomy day today but the views are great no matter the weather, and the sunsets are gorgeous when the sky isn’t murky.
I also spend half of my time at my boyfriends house which is about 20 minutes away. It’s my second home. We’ve been together for just over three years and I am just head over heels for him. Things really couldn’t be any better than they are. I am incredibly happy!
After my run tonight I’ll come home, cook dinner, relax with my love and do some blogging.
I’m really excited to be reviewing some beautifully scented candles for the blog later on – I won’t give too much information on this new company and their awesome candles as you’ll have to stay tuned this month and check the blog to find out more! But until then I’m off to run a couple of miles and then come back to make veggie tacos for our ritual Taco Tuesday dinner!
xo Katie


Isn’t that awesome? I would love to have that kind of day, everyday! You can find Katie at her blog, blue poppy blog, on facebook, and on twitter and instagram as @bluepoppyblog! Let me know in the comments below what your daily life is like and don’t forget to give Katie some love 🙂 

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