I have wanted to print photos for so long now, whether for mini albums, sharing with friends, etc. And Printic makes it so easy to do so ( and in a polaroid style too!). 


Here’s what I think about them:

  • The prints are gorgeous, exactly like it is on your phone.
  • Did I mention that Printic is an app?
  • They are so nice, though if you want the highest quality, make sure to upload photos from a DSLR or something non-phone.
  • Since it’s an app, it’s really fast and easy.
  • Offers multiple sizes, up to 4″ by 5″
  • Free shipping worldwide. Cool right?


And thanks to Printic, I have a code for you guys that will get you $7 off your purchase. Use 6F362E at checkout 🙂


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