Only in the past two years have I started watching sports in a stadium. It’s been a blast.

20140709-103407-38047184.jpgLast week, my family and I went to the Seattle Mariners baseball game. I’ve never watched baseball before so it was quite the adventure figuring specific rules and who that guy-whose-standing-over-there-not-doing-anything is supposed to be doing.

20140709-103503-38103343.jpgAnd everyone knows that stadium food is fantastic. Garlic fries (which I didn’t get to try!), Everest-sized snow cones, and strawberries covered in chocolate on a stick. All delicious and over priced, haha.

The crowd is excited and the sound of the ball hitting the bat rings through the field. It’s the anticipation of sports a few hundred feet away is what makes watching games a thrill.



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