successful summer : thoughts from museums

One of my #successfulsummer goals was to do one fun thing a week. I did two. 🙂



*note* The photos above aren’t from the exhibit; I couldn’t take pictures there. 🙂

Thoughts on Modernism in the Pacific NorthWest:

  • War can have such a big impact on everything.
  • It started out with thin white on dark backgrounds
  • Then more white
  • and more white
  • until it was more white than dark
  • And there were influences from the church
  • and the asian cultures
  • There was a lot of uses of different perspectives
  • Both in art and about the world back during the second war.






And then I went to the Museum of Flight.

Thoughts from the MOF: 

  • Airplanes are such an amazing invention.
  • After touring the Concorde, I was in awe of how humans can be so genius. Faster than the speed of sound? Amazing.
  • I also toured a retired Air Force One. It’s like a hotel room in the sky.
  • And a Space Shuttle?
  • WOW
  • I was walking in the same place astronauts had.
  • And the painted dark walls made it feel like I was in space.
  • Even the imaginary universe in my head was beautiful.
  • The universe,
  • is beautiful.


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