middle school is over.

DSC_7689And I’m officially a ninth grader.

My middle school days are over. The day that I am writing this is two days after the last day of school. Yesterday, I missed it. I felt like I didn’t have anything to commit to over the summer. I’ll never see those people again, I’ll be in a completely different building with different people that I will have to spend four years with. I cried a single tear that day.

But I’m not that stupid to cry my eyes out, reddening my entire face. I will see the important people again, I will put in the effort to do so. And what’s bad about everything else? Nothing. I will never see those annoying people again! I will be in a completely new building with new people! It’s an exciting new adventure, not a chore.

Before I go off onto this new adventure, I want to review all that happened in the past three years (almost a fifth of my life). I met some of my best friends. I learned so much. Two out of the three were absolutely fantastic. I found my sense of style. I gained independence. I punched a guy. I ate so many new foods, when to so many different places (LA!), and fell into a hole I couldn’t get out of (not a real hole, metaphors-I learned that too). I got my first A+ on a project that I loved and became organized. I found what I was doing and realized my future was a blurry mess that would not be clearing up anytime soon. So much happened and I made so many connections in the past three years that I won’t forget. Everything I’ve learned will be carried with me in a leather satchel as I step into the forest.

Ready for a new adventure.


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