app: triptease

20140621-105258-39178352.jpg New apps are pretty fun to play around with. I recently downloaded the app, Triptease, with the idea that I could find some cool, un-touristy places to visit this summer. And I have to say, it’s pretty great.20140621-105257-39177612.jpgFirst of all, it’s beautiful. It’s pre-designed templates make it so that every single tease, as they call it, would be pretty and cohesive with the rest of the app. Second, people on this app are great at describing places. The places that are on here range from entire cities to the smallest of beaches. I’ve already got a few ideas (like going to every beach along the Pacific Highway for a relaxed road trip)20140621-105257-39177235.jpg
Overall, I think it’s a great app if you’re in need of some cool places to vacate to this summer. 🙂



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