more blogging tips

wonderous-world: Transition in Colors by Long Bach Nguyen

Realize if you’re putting it off, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it. Procrastination is a problem, yes. For now, imagine you don’t procrastinate ( I know, it’s really hard). But if it’s just not something you feel like doing then don’t do it. There’s a reason why you’re putting it off and it just might be that it isn’t for you.

Facebook groups. Surprisingly, there’s still a use for Facebook. I’m in the Grow Your Blog group with has these “link ups” that start everyday. You basically comment a link you’d like to receive comments on. You have to return the favor of course be commenting on everyone else’s posts. Just by doing this once, my running story post got over 18 comments (not including my own)! That’s 18 more than usual, haha.


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