thoughts from vancouver.



1. You know those markers along the US-Canada border? I kinda want to find every one of them. Road trip?

2. I am obsessed with the Canadian post boxes. They are pretty cool.

3. If you want to make a park attractive, make sure the kids are happy. At Suspension Bridge, there were seal embossers at the corners of the park and even as a 14 year old, I really wanted to get them all.

4. Speaking of Suspension Bridge, it is just fabulous. Not that scary and not as in-the-middle-of-the-woods as I thought.

5. A one-day trip is vacation enough for me.

6. After like a year, Richmond, BC has not changed one bit. One bit. 

7. Canada now uses plastic dollar bills. Is that not the most ingenious idea, ever? They last so much longer and there are more security options.

8. Also, they don’t have pennies. Are you paying attention America?

9.I need to start collecting more souvenirs.




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