Two beaches.

20140505-153223.jpgThere are two types of beaches.

One where the sun shines bright and the sand is fine. Hundreds of people lay on blankets and run through the little waves. The bright colors against the bright yellow of the sand and the bright blue of sky attract you as if it were a museum painting that you actually liked.

The second are the cold ones. The dark, windy beaches where you stand in the hard sand in your warmest winter attire. Arms wrapped around yourself; the sound of the huge waves crashing on the rocky shore filling your ears. These are the places where you figure things out. The wind wakes you up and the waves calm you down. There is no one around to break your peace, no strangers to steal your spot. It’s just you, the ocean, and your mind.

Those are the beaches I live for.



3 thoughts on “Two beaches.

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