five on friday.

20140417-215118.jpg1. Speed reading. I will NEED to learn how to do this before high school.

2. This playlist. On repeat. Forever.

3. Totally forgot a Zara opened up in Downtown. Loving the photos of the opening and can’t wait to take a look in store.

4. The Divergent movie was gooooooooood. And I’ve been rereading Insurgent to remember what happens. An Allegiant, oh my. I have always said “why doesn’t someone write a story where the main character actually dies?”. Now that it’s happened, I hate it. I hate it I hate it I hate it. !!

5. A movie/documentary all about bloggers? I’m there. (except the voiceover, yeah I kinda hate that too)




One thought on “five on friday.

  1. Love reading your posts, Iris! I can’t recall if I thanked your for my beautiful birthday card – if not, THANK YOU! You are so sweet! You have that advantage though, as I don’t know when YOUR birthday is!!! Thanks so much – you made my day!


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