Guest: A Day in My Life – London

Ever wondered what happens in an average day in the life of some fabulous bloggers? Well, that’s what this series is about! Here’s a day in the life of the brilliant Alex Stella!

Hiya, I’m Alex from over at Stella Et0ile  for my guest post I thought I’d do a day in my life during my Easter holidays!


I knew I had a long day ahead of me so I had a big breakfast to keep me going; since it was one of my first mornings back from school, and I’m never really at home (boarding school!) my mumma made me some brioche French toast which was the yummiest thing ever, I could eat this all day!


Waiting for the tube…. On my way to Oxford Circus, I wanted to do a big shop and have a browse at all the Spring/Summer collections. I never used to be a great fan of the tube but I love the new tubes, they’re so much more spacious so you’re less likely to have your face squished up in someone’s armpit! (cons of not being very tall!)


I was most excited to go into Zara as I’d been eyeing up almost everything from their new collection online; I did find a couple things that really stood out to me but when I went to try them on nothing really fit right, I guess I was just having one of those days! The floral shorts on the left were to die for but unfortunately they didn’t suit my short legs aha! I think at first glance people see Zara as being a very expensive brand but if you have a closer look around you can find some really good deals; I got a pair of leather black heels from Zara for under £30!


Unfortunately my shopping trip wasn’t too successful, but I did pick up two things. From Forever 21 I picked up these flowy aztec print shorts and from Superdrug, the NYC bronzer in Sunny which I am super excited about as I’ve heard lots of people rave about it, and this was super cheap, I think it was around £2!


In the afternoon I went to the Saatchi Gallery which is on King’s Road. This is my favourite gallery because it’s quite small but the rooms are so vast and open and another plus is that it’s free admission! They have this really cool ant exhibition on at the moment which I thought was really interesting and different and they also had some other really interesting exhibitions as well. I’m not one who likes to spend hours looking at a piece of art, more like 2 minutes but I really did appreciate everything on display in here! They also have a big shop which has tons of cool stuff from books to mugs and posters; I think it’s a great shop if you needed to get someone a present but didn’t know what to get them.

So that was pretty much the end of my day, I didn’t photograph my lunch or supper but it probably wasn’t that interesting anyway! I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe pop over to my blog, where I write about all kinds of things!

Thanks for hanging out on my blog Alex! Make sure you go check out her blog where she writes about beauty, life, and lots more. It’s pretty great. Happy Monday. 


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