review: the body shop’s body lotion


I’m pretty sure I’ve known about the wonders of The Body Shop’s body butters but holy moly, once I tried it, oh I ain’t using anything else.

20140321-164401.jpgYou guys know I love lists. So here are the reasons why this lotion is 10 out of 10:

  1. By the third time I used this (on my legs right before I go to bed), I noticed a difference. Nothing has ever worked for me to the point where I can actually see and feel a difference. Huge factor for me.
  2. Also, in the mornings, my hands still have just a bit of lotion on them, which makes me feel like they don’t just disappear and are gone forever.
  3. The consistency of this one (I’ve heard some are thicker than others) is just perfect. Not too thick but also not too watery.
  4. I can tell this one tub will last me a while, which is kinda sad because I want to try some other ones. 🙂
  5. The Body Shop has some fantastic sales.  I got this regular sized tub for only $5, when it’s usually like $20.
  6. I’ve smelled every single one of their lotions and I can’t tell you one that I don’t like.

In case you didn’t want to read all of that, I love this stuff because it works, smells good, and is affordable.

Hope you liked that review; tell me what you think about these body butters or what our favorite lotions are in the comments below. Adios.

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