getting pumped for summer.

photo2The past few days have had more and more sun in them and my mood is getting better and better. To get me even more pumped an excited for summer, I have been listening to some pretty awesome songs.

First up on my playlist, Lorde’s No Better. I got it for free when Apple was having their Christmas promotion and just recently got into it.

Pharrell William’s Happy. Like, we would you not like this song?! 🙂 this song just gets me excited and wanting I dance (though only in my room haha). I actually accidentally downloaded the 1AM version (there are 24 hours) so I have a whole hour of this song on my phone. Yeah!

And an oldie, at least I think, The Supremes: You Can’t Hurry Love. The chorus popped into my head and I found it on YouTube. And now the whole thing is stuck in my head. 🙂

I hoped you found some new songs or listened and are excited for summer/spring! Tell me how you get excited or why you’re excited in the comments below. Happy Monday.


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