planner update

20140316-200200.jpgOkay, remember how I got a blog planner for Christmas? (ETA: Just realized I accidentally deleted all the photos of that planner post and now it doesn’t exist) Yeah, here’s how it’s going so far.


By Jan 3rd, I had the whole month planned out. And that was when I was still posting every weekday. Amazing! And what’s more important, I scheduled and posted all the posts, on time. New planners always inspire me and I go so many ideas. The other side, was… not as helpful. It’s wonderfully organized though I personally didn’t use the Tweets, Pinterest, or Notes Section. I used the Inspiration section for sites I learned a lot from or have been visiting frequently. The Posts Ideas & Notes section was filled, I don’t remember how though, haha. Usually, if I come up with a new post idea, I try to schedule it  right away on the calendar, not write it down. And I check the calendar side anyways, when I look for what posts I need to write.


This month, I started losing my mojo and inspiration. I couldn’t really think of any post ideas so my posts were even shorter and simpler than before. And that is against my overall goal of improving the quality of my posts. I got all the days filled, though and was pretty on time with my posts. The last two weeks of the month were vacation days so I got off my schedule. As for the other side, I only barely used the Post Ideas & Notes part. I tried focusing more on the quality of the posts so I put some”extra” ideas in this section and chose some of the better ones. Overall it’s pretty blank. 🙂

So there’s my update. I hope you’ll share your planner and tell me how you’re using it in the comments!


4 thoughts on “planner update

  1. It never crossed my mind to use my planner as a place to jot down post ideas and post schedules! Your idea is gold! My life has basically boiled down to working 14 hours per day, 6 days a week so I have nothing planned except to show up for work everyday and catch up on sleep on Sundays and maybe if am lucky I can squeeze in blogging. So I use my planner as a catchall for quotes, doodles, and lyrics. If I do find the time to eat out with friends I usually take the paper coasters or napkins and stick them on my planner. Recently I’ve been using my planner for watercoloring.
    Gosh, I blabbered on didn’t I? I just like talking about planners!

    • Haha, thank you! I love planners too and using it as a catchall sounds *awesome*. A book of memories, inspirations, and cool watercolors? Yeah, I’m starting one. 🙂


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