round up: fun blog tools

20140316-193649.jpgSo in the past few days, I’ve been finding some cool sites for your blog. And of course, I want to share them with you!


hellobarHave you seen blogs or websites with a colorful bar on the top of their page either telling you to go somewhere or sign up for email updates? So cool, and so easy. Awesome for marketing and stuff.

2. CrazyEgg

This is one of the coolest sites. A heat map of where people go to the most? Heck yeah! The pricing is okay, pretty good for some awesome service like this.

3. blog url 

Now this one, isn’t an actual site but this is awesome because it tells you all the pins on pinterest that has come from your blog. AWESOME.

4. This

Pinterest Hover Button on Blogger

…blog post teaches you how to add the pin button on your photos. I’ve seen this on so many blogs and now you can do it too!!! Once I get the chance, I’ll be doing this for this here blog.



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