Five on fri-Monday

20140223-072527.jpgHello! Being in a special little country, I don’t have wifi, like ever! 🙂 So I’m sorry that my I haven’t kept up my daily posts, I’m mostly sorry to myself. But! I have here for you today five thoughts about my trip.

The air smells of second-hand smoke. All the time. Actually, it smells like the years being taken from my lifetime.

Smog. In a place with hundreds maybe even thousands of skyscrapers, you can even see anything past the nearest buildings. And that’s if your on the eleventh floor.

Okay, every single ad includes a QR Code. Take note.

Libraries are more like book sanctuaries. Well, important (non kid books) are stored in a tower/building that has the perfect temperature and humidity to keep the books in pristine condition, as long as possible. It’s great, except for the fact that you can’t browse books, you have to know exactly what it is. It’s good and bad, eh.

There’s no color in this city. (Btw, I was in multiple cities). Maybe it’s just winter but everything is brown, grey, or gray.


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