Blogging tips

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A blog in this world is a blog in an amazing, supportive v if bloggers. If you’ve ever talked (or tweeted) with another blogger, you know we’re all here to push each other on. Since they’re so supportive, you should be supportive too and the easiest way to do that is to comment! I know I love getting comments on my blog-they make my day! I’m sure other bloggers would too.

No Stats
When I started blogging I looked at my stats all day ery day. Someone on twitter said that you shouldn’t check your stats and focus on the content. The stats will surprise you. Last month, I gave the silent treatment to my stats and at the end of the month, my stats almost doubled (thanks guys)!!

Bloggers have told me that pinning your best, most useful posts on Pinterest brings an explosion of people over to your blog. And you can even pin others posts and support your community at the same time.

Those are some of my blogging tips! Hope you’ll try one of them and tell me how it goes! And if you have any tips yourself, share them in the comments!

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