Things worth celebrating

20140212-200920.jpgAll too often we get caught up in the everyday. We celebrate birthdays, maybe anniversaries, but we don’t focus on all of the other life moments that are absolutely deserving of being celebrated in a special way.

Things worth celebrating: 

  • Getting caught in the rain.
  • Walking my dog. Well, walking outside at all.
  • Watched Thor the Dark World. I wanna celebrate how our world is still pretty good.
  • The fact that I’m not hungry right now. In fact, I’m full.
  • Also, I’m on a computer right now. A computer! A flat rectangle that does what I want it to. It connects me to the Internet. INTERNET! An intangible world. An endless, crazy awesome world.
  • Qualifying for TSA Precheck
  • Full score on my math quiz.

There are a lot of things worth celebrating in our everyday lives, I hope you join in and make a post.


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