101 goals. (maybe in 1001 days)

DSC_6907101 goals. LETS DO THIS. (idea from the fab Ms. Becky Bedbug.)

  1. travel to Europe
  2. drive a golf cart
  3. ride in a limo
  4. run in the color run
  5. learn to play the ukulele
  6. meet a blogger in real life
  7. have a penpal for at least 3 interactions
  8. 4.0 GPA all four years of high school
  9. be the leader of a club
  10. get that website setup
  11. visit New York. For real this time.
  12. maintain plants in my room
  13. have a source of income
  14. go to 10 museum exhibits
  15. get a light box for photos
  16. get business cards
  17. not be afraid to whip out a camera
  18. meet up with someone for coffee
  19. complete that POP project! *wink wink*
  20. not own a single thing I wouldn’t wear
  21. not feel tired all the time
  22. read at least on book per month
  23. learn how to drive
  24. have one of those coffees with the cool foam designs on top
  25. hang up five more pieces of artwork
  26. go to a blogging event
  27. travel to Chicago.
  28. visit that giant bean thing there.
  29. travel to San Francisco
  30. complete my wreck this journal
  31. find an exercise I wouldn’t mind doing.
  32. Do that exercise. Daily.
  33. Drink 8 cups of water a day.
  34. Decide on my “dream job”.
  35. post a video
  36. have a giveaway
  37. Do one fun thing every week over summer.
  38. Eat at Shake Shack
  39. Eat at In-&-Out
  40. Try a new sport
  41. Go to a concert!
  42. get a logo.
  43. subscribe to a magazine
  44. throw out 20 things. just throw ’em!
  45. send out new year’s cards
  46. eat at 10 new restaurants
  47. go camping
  48. save $5 for every goal done. (idea from here)
  49.  throw a surprise party
  50. find a geocache
  51. Tie a note to a balloon and let it go
  52. Do one RAK a month
  53.  send a postcard to PostSecret
  54. go to the nutcracker
  55. be able to do 5 real pushups (in one sitting)
  56. go shopping. alone.
  57. go on a cruise
  58. learn how to ski
  59. watch saving mr. banks
  60. go to the movie theater every time there’s a movie i wanna watch
  61. get invited to an event
  62. not get sick for 1 whole year
  63. buy a black trench coat
  64. buy all the necessary basics of clothing
  65. teach my dog “lay down”


That’s all I can do for now. Will definitely be adding to it!




4 thoughts on “101 goals. (maybe in 1001 days)

  1. Aw I can be your penpal – I always wanted one but it never quite worked out at times (who knows what happens).

    Check out picmonkey to create a logo

    Oh how I wish I could be able to travel – future dreams.

    You sure have some awesome goals, hope you will be able to achieve most of them.

  2. You have a lot of goals. You should see my bucket list, it’s long! Lol

    We have some common interests but you’ve got some on here that I haven’t even thought of like meet someone up for coffee. I don’t like coffee but it’s a pretty good idea nevertheless! I also liked the last one, treat a dog to “lay down” I don’t think any of our dogs ever knew how to do that on command. I think my nana’s dog did but I can’t remember at the moment.

    You should try to make a list of things you have done. I have done that and it’s actually been very healing to me and I count both small and big stuff. Just a suggestion if you ever need like an idea for when you’re bored.:D


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