review: boscia spot treatment

DSC_6779 DSC_68312Okay. So my friend was “hanging out” at my house and he’s like “hey, look at what I just bought at sephora for $15! It’s this all-natural spot treatment that doesn’t leave any scars ’cause it’s willow bark. I tried it on and them by the time I left my pimple disappeared!” Then my mom went out and got it.

What she got was the boscia clear complexion willow bark spot treatment. I’ve been using it for a month now and this is what I think: It’s ayite. 🙂 The very first thing is the packaging. It’s nice but it’s one of those things where you twist the bottom and the stuff slowly comes out. Yeah, I don’t like that. I twist and twist and twist and nothing happens. Nothing. Only after a few moments does a little solution ooze out.

The actual product works pretty well though, it works the best on a pimple that just appeared. A “full-form” pimple didn’t have any change after putting the treatment on for me. It’s possible it’s just me; I have dry skin and don’t often get full-on pimples. My friend, though (the one who recommended it), LOVED it and got the whole kit. I guess that makes it a hit-or-miss product.

A big part of this product is the “non-scarring” property. I have definitely noticed that there’s nothing left of my pimple with this treatment! But, like I said earlier, it didn’t work for all my pimples so it could be a coincidence.

Overall: It’s hit-or-miss so it could totally work for you or not. But it’s only $15 (which is pretty great for a high-end(?), non-scarring spot treatment. 

That’s it for today, if you have any other product you’d like me to review or if you’ve used this product before, tell me in the comments!



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