It’s a fab day.

20140203-170153.jpgEvery year, big things happen. New Years, holidays, events. But possibly my favorite one of all, my birthday. On December 31st, 2013, I wondered what I had done in 2013 and was almost scared to venture into 2014 with the fear of wasting it. But when my birthday comes along, I’m always, always excited for the “real” new year and doing an explosion of things in the future. This year, I took my friends (well, my dad drove) to a paintball field. None of us have ever played it, but it turned out to be hella fun. The balls did hurt, but as soon as you left the field, it didn’t hurt anymore.

When people hear that it’s your birthday, they usually say happy birthday, right? I am actually HAPPY. It’s crazy, I haven’t felt honestly happy in so long, it’s a great change. I hope it stays here for long, and happy birthday to me.


One thought on “It’s a fab day.

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